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Job Summary

  • No. of Vacancy: N/A
  • Job Location: Any
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary: N/A
  • Gender: Any
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Experience: N/A
  • Career level: Executive
  • Posted On: Nov 8, 2017
  • Application Deadline: Dec 8, 2017

Job Description/Responsibility

  • As a valuable contribution to society and to carry out the flagship of microfinance globally, ASA offers high quality of Internship opportunity irrespective of demographics conditions. Being one of the early practitioners of microfinance in the world, ASA has gone through a series of evolution in its lifetime which has become an alluring interest for many foreign and in-country visitors.
  • Along with the experience in the “home of microfinance” ASA developed a core and unique microfinance model that accolades and replicates globally successfully can only be experienced through this intensive program exposure. To provide the proper assistance to the intern, a dedicated department ASA Exposure & Internship Unit has been introduced.

Experience Requirements

  • N/A

Education Requirements

  1. ASA internship course has been designed to accommodate the students of undergraduate, graduate and post graduate only.
  2. Any students of local or abroad can apply for the course.

Skills Requirements

  • N/A


  1. An unmatchable experience of microfinance activities
  2. A real time field experience in multiple levels including clients
  3. An experience of close observation of MFI development
  4. A physical lesson on MFI history
  5. Direct interaction with Senior Management
  6. An access to the very resourceful library of ASA University
  7. A conclusive designed program for future reference
  8. An unparallel career perspective knowledge and experience in the entrance level to the field
  9. A letter of appreciation will be given to the intern upon successful completion of tenure. Personal recommendation can be collected from the supervisor with reference as well.

Apply Instruction

  1. Download the application form: “Internship Application Form (Docx|PDF – Click Here)
  2. Complete the form with all correct & required information
  3. Attachment:
    1. Short resume/curriculum vitae with two passport size photos
    2. A reference letter from the respective Course Coordinator/Dean/Registrar of the institution
    3. All academic and experience certificates.
  4. Please mention “Internship application in Bangladesh” in the subject
  5. Submit the filled form to the E & I department at: or
  6. Once the application is successfully completed, it is forwarded to the assessment and verification for finding a suitable placement for the benefit of students as well as organization
Company Profile: ক্ষুদ্রঋণের রয়েছে এক অন্তর্নিহিত শক্তি যা একদিকে অথনৈতিক স্বয়ম্ভর অর্জনে সহায়তা করে অন্যদিকে সেবা বর্হিভূত জনগোষ্ঠিকে অর্থনৈতিক সম্পৃক্তকরণ, নারীর ক্ষমতায়ন, অনগ্রসর ও পশ্চাৎপদ জনগোষ্ঠির সক্ষমতা বৃদ্ধির মাধ্যমে তাদের জীবনমানে ইতিবাচক পরিবর্তনে কার্যকর ভূমিকা রাখে। একটি অলাভজনক প্রতিষ্ঠান হিসেবে আশা’র দর্শন হলো, প্রাতিষ্ঠানিক আর্থিক সেবা, সহায়তা ও পুঁজির যোগান দিয়ে বঞ্চিত জনগোষ্ঠিকে আত্মনির্ভর হতে সহযোগিতা করা। এই দর্শন সামনে রেখে আশা লাখ-লাখ বঞ্চিত মানুষকে আর্থিক সেবা যুগিয়েছে এবং তা অব্যাহত রেখেছে যা সংস্থাটিকে বিশ্বের শ্রেষ্ঠ ক্ষুদ্রঋণ পরিণত করতে সাহায্য করেছে।

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