Enroute International Limited
Position Name: Medical Officer

Job Description/ Responsibility:

  • As a Clinical and Administrative Supervisor of Medical Team assist in implementing health-care activities to remote communities as well as take part in health screening of the vulnerable populations through –
  • Reviewing the client medical history, and other medical information recorded by the nurse;
  • Monitoring vital signs and enquire about relevant symptoms;
  • Conduct a thorough physical examination, with particular attention paid to the systems of relevance to that client’s condition(s);
  • Review x-ray(s) and laboratory reports and advise for additional investigations or referrals as may be required depending on the clinical condition;
  • Prescribe medicine as required to optimize the clinical condition and provide necessary information and counselling to the patient or affected family members as well as organize follow up of the patients where necessary.
  • Facilitate referrals and assisted transportation of critical cases to functioning secondary health facilities or hospitals when required in accordance with organization mandate and procedures directly or through health partners;
  • Act as a medical escort assisting sick patient traveling under within country or abroad when required.
  • Maintain close coordination with outreach partner NGOs and provide technical support to the field colleagues and their activities.
  • Inform the secondary referral center about the referred case with significant medical condition to ensure proper and timely patient handling at the referral center upon arrival.
  • Ensure medical logistics/ equipment through daily checklist to ensure that all medical kits are ready and fully stocked, with all medical supplies organized, listed, and within the expiration period
  • Undertake regular duty travel and assist the Health Coordinator in planning and completion of field activities competently in order to ensure a well-organized and quality health care delivery service with special attention to the vulnerable populations.
  • Enter medical information and other details into health databases with maintaining confidentiality. Also required to submit daily field trip report and necessary feedback to the Health Coordinator on a regular basis.
  • Liaise and coordinate with local Government and health authorities (UH&FPO) and other stakeholders with a view to strengthening of health care delivery systems at community level in the District.
  • Assist Health Coordinator in project monitoring and identifying priority health needs and other activities including but not limited to regular disease outbreak monitoring and reporting to the Govt. health authorities, take part in health awareness campaign, etc.
  • Take part in coordination meetings, workshops, training events and conferences at the field and district level.
  • Perform such other duties that may be assigned by the Supervisor.

Job Type: Full time, Entry Level

Job Requirements:

  • Completed advance university degree from an accredited academic institution in Medicine as a Medical Doctor
  • Three years or five years of experience for candidates holding a first level university degree. Experience in health related programmes.
  • Knowledge and experience with working in the field, public health sector and in medical emergencies and Trauma management will be added as advantage.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure in hardship situations and harmoniously within a team of colleagues from varied cultures and professional backgrounds.
  • Previous experience in development project at an international organization is an advantage.
  • Ability to work independently under minimal supervision;
  • Proficient in the English language.

Job Location: TeknafUkhia

Salary Range: BDT 1,20,000

Apply Instructions

Please send your Resume via email: sudipta@enroute.com.bd

Application Deadline: 2 November 2017