TechnoMagic is looking for a creative and talented artist who have extensive knowledge about computer graphics, 2D & 3D art, animation, rendering, etc. Our ideal candidate will have a deep passion for great design, an outstanding attention to detail, an excellent sense of humor, and a love of animations & games. Here's a chance to join a team where you can put all of your skills and interests to work.
We are also open to contract based job applicants.
We are looking for 3D Artists/ Concept artists to work on our “Shiki Aana” project.


Position: Concept & 3D Artist

Job Description:

Concept artists have exceptional skill in pre-production (STORYBOARDING, CONCEPT ART, VISUALIZATION, MATTE PAINTING).  Experience with Toonboom is a plus. Must be excellent at drawing. Craft highly visionary character, creature, environment, and prop concepts that inspire a team and contribute to the game’s unique visual direction.Create mood paintings, color studies, and lighting keys to inform and inspire other environment artists and level designers. Create alluring character and creature concepts that draw players in while helping character artists with creating 3D art. Partner with other artists, designers, and engineers to collaborate on creatively complex assignments to develop an inspirational art vision.
3D Artists are expected to be expert users of 3D Software (MAYA/ 3DS Max/ Zbrush), Redshift, Arnold, V-ray, Unity, Unreal and Adobe products. Artists are expected to have superior talents in several artistic categories, including: animation, special effects, 3D modeling & rendering, 3D Character Animation, Familiarity animating 3D assets.  Experience in scripting and rigging are pluses. Special preference given to artists who have skill in Unity and Unreal.
Lighting & compositing artist are expected to have an understanding of light, shading and colour, as well as of composting principles and practices. They should have knowledge of understanding stylized lighting required for an animated movie. Ability to work well within a team environment and take direction from Supervisors as appropriate.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create appealing characters/creatures/dresses for games or animation movies
  • Follow storyboard and design reference accurately and work in a range of styles and to work with a minimum of supervision
  • positive attitude with the ability to work within a team and actively problem-solve/troubleshoot
  • demonstrated ability to multi-task and think creatively while meeting deadlines
  • Strong grasp of principles of design, layout and frame composition, and principles of animation is a must
  • Work closely with concept artists and designers  and work under the guidelines of the Creative Director
  • Inspire and support team members, accept personal responsibility for the project deliverables.
  • Monitor deliverable progress, manage assigned scope and requested changes, meet commitments, follow up and be on time.
  • Must be physically fit and mentally strong

Educational Requirements:
Requires a diploma or a bachelor’s degree (engineering / design/ art/ 3D animation)

Experience Requirements:

  • 2+ years of experience working as a 3D Animator/ Concept Artist
  • Freshers can apply for Entry Level.

Additional Job Requirements:

  • Age 20 to 35 year(s) 
  • Unity 3D: Knowledge of asset management and basic architecture for importing user created content; 3D models, textures;  skill is a plus
  • 3D/2D animation program is a plus
  • Strong communication skills specially over email and phone
  • Ability to conceptualize design story board is an added advantage
  • Special preference given to artists who have skill in Unity and Unreal

Salary Range:
Negotiable in the range of 15,000 to 55,000 BDT based on experience.

Other Benefits:

  • As per company rules.
  • Friday closed.

Applicant must enclose his/her photograph with CV.
All applicants MUST provide a Portfolio of professional and/or personal work in Web or Digital format to be considered for interview. Portfolios should clearly demonstrate the applicant’s artistic talents and software proficiency.

Email your CV to

Company Information:
TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd. Is a dynamic and forward looking company in Bangladesh to serve our rapidly growing businesses, media and academic community by providing the latest and cutting-edge technology solutions.TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd. has a wide range of services for its valued customers. We provide game development services, application development, special effects development, 2D/3D animations, motion based application renting service, gaming event organizing service, advertising display & hardware solutions, etc.

Website                                  :
Facebook link (Shiki Aanna) :

All applicants MUST provide the following in the event of an interview:

Portfolio (website or blog required for pre-interview)
Samples of sketch work (sketchbook or loose-leaf)
Animation or graphical work samples

The DEADLINE for receiving applications is January 04, 2019

Contact Address
TechnoMagic Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka.